Hirsch’s honours Musa Mahlanga

musa-mahlanga-and-joanne-brunetteHirsch’s Silverlakes recently hosted their monthly Domestic Worker Course – a free service offered to the community to up-skill and train Domestic Workers on proper appliance care.  In addition to being taught cleaning tips and tricks, they were also taught how to make a quick, healthy and easy meal – flourless banana pancakes.


At the course Musa Mahlanga was the surprised and delighted recipient of the sought after title of ‘Domestic Worker of the Month’.  Musa received a certificate and R300,00 Hirsch’s Gift Voucher and goes forward for the title ‘Hirsch’s Domestic Worker of the year’ with a prize of R5000,00.


Said Bianca Otto, Musa’s Employer:  “She really is a wonderful help and deserves to win because of her honesty, integrity and willingness to learn.  She goes the extra mile, leaving me notes and making sure to call me if she happens to be running late.”


At the close of the course, each of those attending proudly received a Certificate of Completion.




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