Networking and Coffee – a happy mix at Hirsch’s!

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The Guest Speaker at this month’s Networking Meeting at Hirsch’s Centurion was Barista, Harry Mole,  who has been fulltime in the coffee industry for the past two years – since trading his ‘white collar’ Marketing Manager position to pursue his passion for coffee.  Harry has roasted and developed coffee blends for a year and is currently part of Tribeca and Woolworths Beverage Management as a trainer of Baristas for private clients as well as the Tribeca group of stores. He recently competed in the Gauteng Regional Barista Championships, and won the coveted award for Best Cappuccino!

After an informative and educational talk about the origin and brewing of coffees, the opportunity was given to smell the different freshly ground roasted beans, and examine the different “raw” or unroasted beans that were on display.

Ample networking opportunity was given to guests whilst enjoying a cup of freshly brewed Cappuccino.


Cooking under Pressure – at Hirsch’s

Cooking under Pressure 20Mar15Hirsch’s Centurion recently hosted a product demonstration titled “Cooking under Pressure with AEG”, showcasing the versatility of the AEG Pressure cooker.

Our own chef-on-the-go, Warren Pearce had our customers “eating out of his hand” with his entertaining and informative demonstration.

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cake as well as mini Curry Bunny-chow’s where made from scratch, and Warren was able to answer questions regarding the versatility of the Pressure Cooker.

The Demonstration was ended with a tasting which was met with many positive comments.

Should you be interested in attending any of these events in future, please Joanne –

Kiddies Cooking – a Hit at Hirsch’s

Kids Cooking 14Mar20151 Kids Cooking 14Mar2015A highlight for many of Hirsch’s littler customers is their Kiddies Cooking Events, and this month, Hirsch’s teamed up with Bosch to teach the children how to build and bake their own pizzas.  Each child was taught to knead and roll out the dough, and they chose their own toppings.

As the savoury pizzas were baking in the Bosch oven, they were taught to make a dessert pizza – much to their delight.

“Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the children and their parents were in agreement that the pizzas were of Masterchef quality.”  Said Hirsch’s PR and Marketing Officer Joanne Brunette. “Hirsch’s customers definitely teach their children good manners, as we were inundated with hugs and thank you’ s from happy, flour covered children. It was a magical experience – and so rewarding to hear that the children are taking the skills they learn and using them in their own kitchens at home.”  Said Joanne.

Viva Kids benefit from cushions and carpets

The Viva Foundation SA provide the best possible quality Early Learning, Day Care and Pre-School experience with the Viva Kids Early Learning programme and concept. Presently they have two Viva Kids Early Learning Centres in Tshwane, one in Mamelodi and the other in Ga-Rankuwa. The Viva Kids ‘Stations of Learning’ programme was developed specially for children in informal settlements, who have been found to be behind in school-readiness as a result of a lack of movement and mental and social stimulation.  At Viva Kids each developmental challenge is met at a “station”, e.g. numeracy, literacy, fine motor skills, large motor skills etc.  Children move from ‘station to station’ over an elaborate jungle gym, as opposed to staying in one class.  The Viva Kids Early Learning programme and curriculum provide underprivileged children in the informal settlements with quality education in English, including the use of technology.

Today Hirsch’s Centurion were able to donate 11 cushions and 4 carpets to the Viva Foundation for the use in their classrooms at the Early Learning Centres.  The classrooms currently consist of containers which have been converted, and the carpets and cushions will be used to ensure the children do not have to sit directly on the floor.  “Any donations are welcomed, as we are dependent on funding from individuals and companies” said Meleney Kriel, CEO of the Viva Foundation.



IMG_2654 (Medium) IMG_2658 (Medium) IMG_2662 (Medium) IMG_2668 (Medium) IMG_2676 (Medium) IMG_2677 (Medium)We love our kids at Hirsch’s Centurion – and the Kiddies Cooking events are the highlight of our month!

During March we hosted another one of these popular events.  Early in the day the preparations were being made, to ensure that each child could make not only a savoury pizza – but a “dessert” pizza as well.

After each child had made their pizza base, and chosen from a variety of toppings, three trays of mini pizza’s were simultaneously put into the Bosch Oven.  The children were then treated to smoothies made in the amazing Bosch MUM machine by Kim from Bosch.  Back to work, to prepare the “dessert” pizza with lovely toppings like Nutella, Marshmallows, strawberries, pineapple, banana and Smarties.  Decisions, decisions….

In the meantime the Savoury pizzas came out of the oven, and by the time the dessert pizzas were ready to go in the oven, they had cooled down and everybody tucked in.  Parents and children alike were soon munching on delicious cheezy pizza’s with a variety of toppings.  The Bosch team did not let the opportunity go by to promote their products – of course the parants also loved the delicious smoothies that Kim served up, while David demonstrated the “cool touch” technology on the Bosch Ovens – allowing the children to touch the oven even when it was set at 220 Degrees.

After enjoying the decadent chocolaty dessert pizzas with a swirl of whipped cream – each child was presented with a Bosch Lanyard and pen as well as a Bosch Balloon.  Three lucky prize winners walked off with Bosch Chef hats and aprons, as well the a Bosch shopping bag.

Hirsch’s parents definitely teach their children good manners, as we were inundated with hugs and thank you’s from happy, flour covered children.

It was a magical experience – thank you’s go out to the Bosch Team – it was such a pleasure working with David and Kim.

Celeste du Toit – February finalist for the Margaret Hirsch Women in Business Achiever Award

The Margaret Hirsch Women in Business Achiever Award finalist for February has been announced at Hirsch’s Centurion –  Celeste du Toit from Yes Paradigm was over the moon to be presented with this prestigious award by Margaret Hirsch in person. 


We were honoured to have Margaret Hirsch as our Guest Speaker, and her passion and enthusiasm was infectious. 

The title of her message was “Unleash your Greatness”  and she encouraged all the women to be kind to themselves, ensuring that their “self-talk” was positive – practically demonstrating this by having everybody repeat positive affirmations.  

She shared on the principle of gratitude and how in practising being grateful, we attract good things to ourselves.


After the inspiring message, Margaret shared some real-life-stories of people whom she has mentored, that have risen above their circumstances to become successful business women in their own right.


One of the ladies attending the event, Tumisa Maja, stated “I was awestruck, this is just what I needed to hear today”.

Attentively listening (Medium) Celeste du Toit, the February finalist (Medium) Linda Levendag, Joanne Brunette Margaret Hirsch, Hester Gill and Hanlie Truter (Medium) Magda Maas, Celeste du Toit and Tumisa Maja (Medium)

Networking with the Centurion Accommodation Association

IMG_2268 IMG_2267 IMG_2266 IMG_2265 IMG_2262 IMG_2260 IMG_2259The Centurion Accommodation Association hosted their monthly meeting, and Hirsch’s were on call – ready to keep the “cappuccino’s rolling”.

The CAA have monthly events where there members meet, are updated on important happenings within the industry and have a chance to network.

Three Companies were invited to promote their brand today:   Tribeca, Hyson Tea and Hirsch’s.

I was able to speak to them about our Bedroom Boutique and invite them to our Networking Events and get Opt Inn’s completed.

They were very excited to receive our 10% discount coupon for the Bedroom Boutique – as well as our newest Hirsch’s insert with all our specials.

Andrina Sangweni Wins Hirsch’s Centurion’s DOMESTIC WORKER OF THE MONTH Competition

Theresa Gillingham pictured wth Andrina Sangweni and Store Manager Malcolm Chetty (Large) Winner, Andrina Sangweni pictured with her Employer, Theresa Gillingham and Margaret Hirsch  (Large)

Andrina Sangweni was the well-deserved recipient of Hirsch’s Domestic Winner of the Month award which was handed over today at Hirsch’s Centurion.


Andrina was selected based on a motivational letter written by her employer Julie Gillingham. “This is a wonderful lady, that is so proud of her work.  She never complains although she gets up at 03:00 in the morning to get to work on time.  She commutes to work and gets back home at 18:00 or 19:00 at night.  She has 3 children and no husband to help her, and she is doing a great job with them.  Her work is immaculate and she is always positive and smiling – and has a great sense of humour!”  said Theresa. 


Andrina, who won a R300,00 Hirsch’s voucher, will now be entered into the Domestic Worker of the Year competition and stands a chance to win the overall title.

She was so thrilled with her voucher that she immediately purchased a much needed Kettle and Iron with her prize voucher.


Hirsch’s, who hold regular  training sessions on appliance maintenance  in each of their branches for Domestic Workers,  acknowledge these stalwarts in the home by holding a  “Domestic Worker of the month” competition in every area in which they operate in South Africa. The monthly winners will each receive a Hirsch voucher and a certificate , and their names l go forward for the title  Domestic Worker of the Year, with a prize of R5000.


If you would like to nominate your Domestic Worker  for the monthly competition, head to Hirsch’s Centurion and pick up and entry form! We are looking for a 100 word motivation on why they deserve the prize.


Contact Joanne at


Hirsch’s Centurion Offers Free Networking Opportunities:


“Hirsch’s Centurion Networking functions open doors to getting expert advice at no charge and assist like-minded business people in building their reputations, knowledge and databases.” Says Hirsch’s PR and Marketing Officer for Centurion, Joanne Brunette.  Brunette firmly believes that sometimes it is not what you know, it’s who you know. “If you want a successful business, you need to build relevant connections and build onto your current connections and so on.” explains Brunette.


Hirsch’s Centurion’s monthly networking events take place on the last Thursday of every month and are open to anyone wanting to grow their business. .. “Anyone interested is encouraged to bring banners, business cards and pamphlets/catalogues to hand out and assist in effective networking . Each individual gets a “60 Second Pitch” to address the attendees on who they are, what they do and what they can offer each attendee (this is an ice breaker for Effective networking after the proceedings).  To succeed you must continually connect with new people, cultivate emerging relationships and leverage your network  “If you want something, you have to go out there and get it” – And we, at Hirsch’s Centurion, offer Business Men and Women just that.”  said Brunette.


The Networking function on 26 March 2015 will take place at Hirsch’s Centurion, cnr Old Johannesburg and Sarel Baard Roads (next to Food Lovers Market), at 09.00 until 11.00.


To become a part of the Hirsch’s Networking functions, RSVP or contact Joanne Brunette, Hirsch’s Public Relations and Marketing Officer at