The Fulfillment Factor – do what you Love!

Hirsch’s Silverlakes recently hosted their ever popular Business Networking Event in collaboration with the CCBC, giving businesspeople the opportunity to showcase and market their businesses while networking with likeminded individuals.

The Guest Speaker at the event, Stephen van Basten, is a sought after public speaker and author, and is a member of the  Toastmasters International and The Wedding Professionals Association of SA. His work allows him to address over 20 000 people annually.

The title of Stephen’s talk was ‘The Fulfillment Factor’.  Said Stephen:  “Determine the things that you love doing – and do more of those, while doing less of the things that you hate.  Fulfillment is found when you make a living doing the things that you love.”  He also explained the importance of each person understanding which values were more important to them, as these were the things one would automatically make more time to do.  Stephen encouraged each person to remember that each situation encountered was one in which to grow, and that people grew best when the ‘going got tough’.

Each person present was given the opportunity to present their business in a 30-second pitch, whereafter informal networking took place over light refreshments.

If you would like to attend these events, which are free of charge, contact


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