Invest in your Health – Invest in a Nutribullet!


We spoke to Integrated health practitioner , Dr Hennie Palm about the benefits of the latest health inducing whizzer on the market, the Nutribullet (HIRSCH STOCK CODE 2319.)

– Here’s what he had to say:

“Let food by thy medicine” is a philiosophy I live by. I see the benefits of ingesting raw organic produce daily in the health improvements of my patients. Research keeps stacking up to show the health benefits of eating plenty of raw vegetables and fruit. Most of us do not eat enough raw fruit and vegetables, and we have non-nutritious meals, especially breakfast that often only consists of some unhealthy processed cereal or a slice or two of toast. The most reliable way to ensure that our bodies get the nourishment they need is through NUTRITION EXTRACTION. When fruit, vegetables seeds and nuts are broken down to their most digestible form before they are consumed, the digestive system can easily absorb the best they have to offer. Enter the NUTRIBULLET, it does just that.

Having used my blender for years to prepare nutritious smoothies for breakfast, I was sceptical about the Nutribullet, until I discovered the attachment that transforms nuts and seeds into easily digestible powder. Pour the nut/seed powder mix into your Nutribullet blender, add as many berries as you can for an antioxidant boost, vegetables, fruit and 30 seconds later you have breakfast. Start the New Year fresh. Fresh vegetables based smoothies.” Said Palm


The NUTRIBULLET has a 600 watt motor, an all new extractor blade and a cyclonic action that breaks the pulp, skin, seeds and stems of the plants that we eat down into tiny drinkable particles, unlocking the full scope of nutrients contained within them.


The NUTRIBLAST is a nutrient extracted drink designed to feed your system as many servings of easily absorbable vegetables, fruit, seeds and nuts as possible. The basic formula is plenty of vegetables some fruit (mainly for the flavour), and protein such as nuts, avocado, peas, a raw egg, whey protein and some seeds.   Add enough water to cover ingredients, twist blade and blend.

There is nothing to beat the overall feeling of well being that comes from true nourishment, and the more you blast, the better you’ll feel.


The NUTRIBLAST comes with a fantastic menu guide to get you on the road to perfect health.