Florence – Top Domestic Worker


 highlight on the Hirsch’s SIlverlakes Calendar is the Domestic Worker Course which is presented monthly.  “The course is free of charge, and is offered as an additional service to our Customers and the Community, who in many instances do not use the appliances themselves.  We  teach the Domestic Workers not only tips and tricks in cleaning the home, but also proper appliance use, care and maintenance” said PRO Joanne Brunette.  The course is free and open to all, with certificates being issued upon completion.


At this event the winner of the Domestic Worker of the Month Competition was announced.  Smiling from ear to ear, Florence Seshai proudly received her certificate and R300,00 Hirsch’s gift voucher.  Said Debbie Bosman, Florence’s employer: “Florence has been in my employ for 15 years and has been a consistent and reliable worker – not only attending to daily household chores, but assisting in the running of my school.  Florence has a lovely personality and is fun to be round – her lovely cheerful manner has earned a place in many a heart.”  Florence goes forward for the title of Hirsch’s Domestic Worker of the Year, Silverlakes,  with a prize of R5000,00.


If you would like to enrol your Domestic worker on this course, please contact joanne@hirschs.co.za for more information.





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