Susan Grobler addresses Networkers

Hirsch’s Silverlakes recently hosted their ever popular Ladies Networking event, where likeminded ladies can connect while marketing their businesses/brand.


The Guest Speaker at the event, Susan Grobler, is a member of the International Society of Neuro-Semantics and a Neuro-Semantic Meta Master NLP Practitioner.  Susan lives her dream by enabling individuals, teams and organizations to live and perform to their full potential.  She has a passion for life and makes a difference through her coaching, motivational talks, workshops, seminars, group facilitation and training focussing on  ‘Leadership from Within’.


The topic of Susan’s talk was ‘Who am I? –  Improve your relationships through better understanding of yourself and others.’  Susan shared that many people define themselves by what they do and have, instead of who they really are.  She explained that one needs to connect with your values, character, principles and beliefs and find your self-worth in these.  Illustrating this point she said that if one finds their value in what they do or have, they would feel worth-less in a situation where they ‘lost’ these eg. Losing a job, or losing a house would leave them devastated.  Once one had connected with their ‘true self’, relationships automatically improve as one no longer seeks affirmation from others in order to feel worthy.


After a most insightful talk, opportunity was given to the women present to present themselves and their businesses in a short ‘elevator-pitch’.  This was followed by some lucky draws sponsored by Hirsch’s and Annique, whereafter informal networking and the swopping of business cards took place.  Ronel Jooste from PhysEQfit Guest House kindly sponsored some lovely eats for the event.


If you would like to attend these events, please contact


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