Hirsch’s – honouring Senior Citizens

With 1 October being the International day of the Aged, Hirsch’s Silverlakes extended the celebrations by hosting a Pensioners afternoon to honour Senior Citizens in the community for their valuable contribution to society.


The Guest Speaker at the event, Marnus Roothman, is a Marketing Strategist, but also a renowned musician and ‘one-man-band’.  Marnus entertained the guests with beautiful piano music after which he spoke on ‘Growing bolder, not older’.  His inspirational message included 5 secrets on keeping a youthful attitude:

  1. Keep the child alive in you – stay in wonder at creation
  2. Keep moving – if you don’t move, you won’t be able to move
  3. Laugh at yourself and at situations.
  4. Keep the faith, look after your spiritual self
  5. Keep your enthusiasm – reach out to those around you, enjoy hobbies and social activities


There were some exciting lucky draw prizes up for grabs, including 2 beautiful bouquets of flowers sponsored by Woolworths, a Breakfast sponsored by RocoMamas and Cake and coffee sponsored by Doppio Zero.  One lucky winner walked away with a Hirsch’s gift voucher and two winners with Hirsch’s Recipe books.


A special Pensioners discount was offered on the day, and many of the Pensioners took advantage of this as an opportunity to do some shopping.




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