Empowered through Baking

Recently, Public Relations Officer Joanne Brunette from Hirsch’s, represented Margaret Hirsch as a guest judge at the Graduation Ceremony for the Bonaria School of Baking in Randburg.


Mrs Anna Mahlanga, who – under Margaret’s guidance and mentoring, started the Baking School as a way of empowering women to start their own businesses.  The training and skills the students learn during the 6 week course enable them to generate an income through baking and cake decoration.  The graduates are encouraged to go into their communities and in turn teach what they have learnt to others.


Mrs Brunette and Mr Mahlanga had the difficult task of choosing a winner for the various categories of mouthwatering baked goods, taking into consideration creativity, neatness of work, level of difficulty and taste.


The graduates who won the award for the ‘Best Of’ in the various categories were thrilled to receive their awards.

Each Graduate proudly received a Hirsch’s and Bonaria Baking School Graduation certificate.



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