Business Networking – make the SWITCH

The monthly Networking events at Hirsch’s Silverlakes are becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs who are eager to meet with like-minded business people and have the opportunity to market their businesses.


The Guest Speaker at the event, Francois Joubert, spoke on creating a balance between making a living and enjoying your life.  Francois is a Serial Entrepreneur, coach and public speaker who has appeared on major news media networks like CNBC and has been interviewed on a number of radio shows.  Through speaking and coaching, Francois uses his life and business experience to help his clients to operate at their maximum productivity level and make the switch from ordinary to extraordinary.  He is also the co-owner of the Intelligent Millionaires Networking Gauteng – a JT Foxx initiative.


Using the Acronym SWITCH, he expounded on the following points:

S              Self Evaluation – evaluating the balance between making a living, enjoying life and assessing missed opportunities

W            Why – the importance of having a vision

I               Innovate – taking time to think creatively about your business and ways in which to be innovative

T              Take Action

C             Coach – surround yourself with successful people who can guide and coach you

H             Have confidence – believe in yourself and in your abilities


If you would like to attend these free events, please mail



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