Talk at Hirsch’s on Habits of High Performers

Hirsch’s Silverlakes recently hosted their monthly Business Networking event with  Guest Speaker for the event, Pieter du Plessis from Action Coach a business that provides business assistance, advice, coaching and mentoring services to SMME’s.


The topic Pieter spoke on was the 8 Habits of High Performance based on a study by Brad Sugars, and urged the audience to remember that success is all about consistency as there are no magic solutions.  He expounded on the following points:

  1. ‘Relationships’ – the importance of investing and working on relationships
  2. ‘Learn before you Earn’ – attendance of Seminars, being Mentored and reading books.
  3. ‘Health is real Wealth’ –  daily exercise and healthy eating
  4. ‘Starting with the End in Mind’ – dream charts, vision boards and a bucket list journal.
  5. ‘Work your Plans’ – spending time daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually in planning activities
  6. ‘Work harder on yourself than on your job’ – giving time to develop skills and on personal development
  7. ‘Self-Management’ – building “I am” statements around the different roles (eg. As a parent, spouse, child, entrepreneur)
  8. ‘Dream and Visualise’ – taking time daily to dream and ‘see’ where you would like to be


After a most inspiring and challenging message, each of the attendees were given the opportunity to present themselves and their business in a 30-second ‘elevator pitch’.  Some lucky draw prizes were up for grabs, where after all present could network informally over light refreshments and a ‘legendary’ Hirsch’s cappuccino.


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