Hirsch’s Silverlakes recently hosted their monthly Ladies Networking Event, where a platform is provided for women from all walks of life to connect and network.


Winning this month’s Margaret Hirsch Woman in Business Achiever award was Zanè Johnson who runs a company that she shares with her husband – SparkRite Electrical.  The business has shown a steady 30% year on year growth since she left the corporate world to join her husband in the business.  Zane is also on the Leadership Team of her BNI (Business Networking International) Chapter.


The Guest Speaker at the event was Sharon Stobbia, a life coach with 5 years’ experience as a matrix practitioner.  Sharon is fiercely committed to guiding female entrepreneurs to confidently  step into a life of possibility, passion and purpose by supporting them to let go of limiting beliefs.


Everyone knows that confidence is the key to lasting success, but so few people know how to maintain their confidence levels when life gets tough.  She shared the 9 characteristics of confident people and tips and tools of how to step into confidence as a woman and an entrepreneur: 

Capable – believe in yourself, that you are good enough

Own it – give yourself permission to be you – no apologies, no excuses

Nurture yourself – believe in your value and invest in yourself on a daily basis/be kind to yourself

Fully present – notice those around you

Integrity – be true to yourself and do what you believe is right.

Demeanour – positive posture, dress for success

Endure – don’t give up

Not arrogant – lift those around you and look for attributes in others that you can praise

Energetic action – take action and don’t see mistakes as failures, but rather as lessons


If you would like to enter the Margaret Hirsch Woman in Business Achiever Competition, please contact for more information.



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