Sound advice from Wealth Creator

Hirsch’s Centurion recently hosted a very successful Business Networking event with sought after Guest Speaker, Dr Hannes Dreyer.  Hannes is better known as a Wealth Creator, Property Investor and Author.  Having made his first million by age 30 and retiring at the age of 37, he is one of the world’s leading authorities in Wealth Creation.  As a speaker and author on the subject, he is at the forefront of the personal development industry, and founder of the Wealth Creators University.


The title of Hannes’ message was ‘7 Steps To Start And Grow A Multi Million Business In Less Than A Year With no Money’, sharing from his own experience and successes of how he turned an investment of R34,84 into over R3 million.  Speaking on the critical steps for creating predictable business growth he expounded on the following points:

  1. Market, produce and develop a Prototype of the business you wish to start
  2. Generate more lease
  3. Ensure effective capturing of leads
  4. Convert leads to Prospects
  5. Convert Prospects to Clients
  6. Sell more and more frequently to your Clients
  7. Nurture your Clients/Leads


“It was evident from the amount of questions that arose following the talk, that Hannes had definitely given the audience a lot of food for thought” stated Hirsch’s PRO Joanne Brunette.


Opportunity was given afterwards for networking over a cappuccino and light refreshments, and many new business connections were made in this way.


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