Ajita Ratanjee and Joanne Brunette (Small)


Hirsch’s are passionate about empowering women by providing them with a platform to network, thus building strong trust relationships.


Recently Hirsch’s Centurion hosted their monthly Ladies Networking Morning, where the Margaret Hirsch Woman in Business Achiever finalist for May, Ajita Ratanjee, was announced.  Ajita, a qualified dietician with many years experience working within a hospital environment –started her business  ‘Easy Health and Wellness’ with the goal of teaching good nutrition, which is imperative for optimum health.  She has helped many customers on their road to health through weight loss and proper eating habits.

The guest speaker at the event, Magda Maas, spoke on ‘The Slight Edge’ and how making small daily positive steps leads to success.  She shared her own story, about how she had a stroke 4 years ago and subsequently lost everything – and how applying this principal allowed her to achieve her dreams.  Magda spoke about the importance of using your time wisely, and how applying ’20 seconds of courage’ to all the decisions you make – doing the ‘right thing’, allows one to see huge results in the long term.


One of the guests at the event, Nanette Barnard from the Mail and Guardian said: “I never make notes, but I was so inspired that I made several notes, and will definitely be applying the principles that Magda spoke about.  I am so challenged to make go out there and take those small, courageous steps.”


The event was well attended, with women from all walks of life taking a 30-second opportunity to introduce themselves and their business.  Some lovely lucky draw prices from Hirsch’s as well as sponsored by the exhibitors at the event, were up for grabs and added a fun element to the morning.  Afterwards everybody enjoyed a cappuccino and some snacks – and took the time to network on a more informal basis.


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