Mark Duckham, Joanne Brunette do the handover to Jarred Burchell from the Viva Foundation


23 April was World Book Day, and Hirsch’s Centurion, in conjunction with The Rekord Centurion, decided to make a difference to the lives of people in areas where books are hard to come by with a collection of new and second hand books for both children and adults.


The Charity that was chosen for the donation is the Viva Village – where schooling and a pre-school is provided for underprivileged  children in the community. 


Commented Hirsch’s Joanne Brunette “The response to the project was overwhelming, with Sutherland School donating 9 boxes of children’s books.  In addition to this 9 boxes and 5 trolleys filled with books were collected.”


Said Meleney Kriel, CEO of the Viva Foundation: “We work in a very high-priority poverty area and access to literature and books are very limited.  We appreciate that we have the opportunity to make the books available to the children as well as the community.  The books will also be used in our youth development program.”





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