The art of People Mastery!

Hirsch’s Centurion recently hosted their monthly Business Networking Event, which aims at creating a platform for small to medium Businesspeople to market their business and network with likeminded people. The guest speaker at the event, Stephen van Basten, spoke on People Mastery.  Stephen, is respected by many as a Philosopher, Life Coach, Human Behaviour Specialist and Author,   and he annually addresses over 20 000 people with his inspiring messages.


He touched on the importance of effective communication and building rapport – in order to build strong relationships.  One way to do this is to adapt or mirror your communication style to suit the listener. Identifying how a person makes their decisions eg. must it look good; must it feel good; must it sound good; must it make sense – enables one to successfully adapt your approach.


Estelanie van der Merwe, from Business Doctors said:  “the Speaker was insightful and I definitely learnt some tips on how to improve the way that I approach people. ”


A 30 second time slot was allowed for each of the Attendees to present themselves and their business – and this was followed by active networking over a cup of coffee and a snack.


Should you wish to attend any of these events in future, please contact



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