Business Solutions for Entrepreneurs

Joanne Brunette, Chante Smit, Julie Burger, Anthea Ambursley, Annemarie du Plessis, Ryner Kekana and Jessica Meyer (Medium)Hirsch’s Silverlakes hosted their first Ladies Networking Event of the year recently, with guest speaker Anthea Ambursley, who spoke on ‘Solutions for your Entrepreneurial challenges’. Anthea, an award winning author and entrepreneur and is the MD of Anans..  She is passionate about the hospitality industry and helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses. 


She spoke on ways to become ‘unstuck’ in business by thinking creatively about ways to increase and grow your business.  She also discussed the pitfalls to consider before expanding, and ensuring that there are funds put away before doing so.  For those starting out in business she stressed the importance of first finding your customers and the importance of market research to determine if there is a need – before launching. 


Said one of the guests, Sharon Stobbia the owner of Perfectly Alive Coaching: “I found Anthea to be very inspiring, caring but at the same time practical and honest.  She addressed real challenges one encounters in business and I believe everybody could take something specific from her talk.”


If you would like more information on networking events at Hirsch Silverlakes branch, contact



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