Treat for Rooihuiskraal Teachers

Rooihuiskraal Primary 4Feb20161 (Medium)On a bright and breezy morning, staff from Hirsch’s Centurion – armed with 2 coffee machines and 120 muffins – set off to spoil the teachers of the Rooihuiskraal Primary School in Centurion.  The school boasts 120 teachers and admin staff, and educates just under 2 000 children from Grade RR to Grade 8 – making them, according to their Principal Mr Ferdi Maree, the largest Primary School in South Africa.


Commented Hirsch Centurion PRO, Joanne Brunette on the visit “At Hirsch’s we believe in getting involved and making a positive contribution in our community – and one way of doing this is by giving recognition to the schools and teachers that are forming the leaders of tomorrow. Mr Maree was thrilled that we were prepared to spoil the Educators with freshly brewed cappuccino’s and muffins.  He has been the Principal for 21 years, and was eager to show us around the beautiful and well run school.  Due to the size of the school there are 4 break periods for the Teachers, and our team had to stay on their toes to ensure that everybody was served in the quickest possible time.  The grateful smiles and words of appreciation and thanks, definitely made our efforts worthwhile. The Marketing Manager of the school, Carien Folsher, was most complimentary and appreciative of this kind gesture – and has invited Hirsch’s to get involved in future Parent evenings and events at the school.”


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