Every month Hirsch’s have a lucky draw with an exciting prize for one of their Opt In form customers.

The latest winner was  Peter Mashegoane, who completed his form at Hirsch’s Centurion. Explained Joanne Brunette, PRO for the branch:  “He  was overjoyed to hear that he had won a Samsung Sound System.  He almost could not believe his good fortune, and before collecting his prize at the store, called 3 times just to confirm that he had in fact won.”  Said Mr Mashegoane:  “When I completed the form, I told myself – maybe God will be with me, so that I can win this prize”.  He could not stop expressing his gratitude, and his joy was infectious.


The Samsung Brand Ambassador, Hayden, explained to him how the systems works, and also how to do the necessary connections.  Hayden and Hirsch’s Centurions Assistant Branch Manager, Jaimie Sigamoney, did the handover of the prize to a beaming Mr Mashegoane. Pillay, Peter Mashegoane and Jaimie Sigamoney (Medium)



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