Hirsch’s are all about adding value to their customers, and one way they like to  do this is by offering a monthly Domestic Cooking Course – where they not only teach them to  prepare healthy meals – but also how to use of various kitchen appliances.Denise van Eck from Kenwood with the cooking class (Medium) 

Commented Hirsch Centurion PRO, Joanne Brunette, “The attendance and response to this course has been tremendous.  Denise van Eck was on hand to demonstrate the use of the Braun Multiquick in the making of a ginger lemonade, as well as various other Braun and Kenwood appliances during the course of the afternoon.  Other items on the menu were a tasty homemade mayonnaise, ask-for-more chicken, quiche, flatbread and a Blueberry Souffle.  Our audience were ‘wowed’ at the speed with which the flatbread dough and the souffle were made in the Kenwood Chef. “


Tasters of all the dishes prepared were offered at the end of the course, and unanimous approval was offered – with the ladies extoling the virtues of each dish.  Each participant received a Certificate on completion of the course.


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