The biggest Snow Globe in the World – at a Hirsch Branch near you!


Hirsch’s and Defy have got together to bring the South African public a Christmas dream come true for families. A Giant Snow Globe! Commenting on this fun activation, CEO of the Hirsch Group, Allan Hirsch said “ This is a first for South Africa and we want it to be the ultimate experience for children all ages over the Christmas period.”

Warren Pearce, Hirsch’s National Event Manager explained that the Giant Snow Globe is a place where children can “romp and roll and enjoy the feeling of a truly white Christmas.” The Globe measures 4 x 4 meters and will be set up (on a scheduled basis) in all Hirsch stores around the country from early November. Families can have their photos taken in the globe and will be given to them free of charge, and they also stand a chance to win a R20,000 travel voucher.

If you would like to have the true Giant Snow Globe experience, dates for when it will be in your nearest Hirsch Store will be on the Hirsch web site or visit your nearest Hirsch store and speak to the PRO to find out more !

Adobe Photoshop PDFSNOW GLOBE. BOYS IN SNOW 2. DSC03373 (Medium)


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