Hirsch’s Centurion hosted an exceptionally successful Business Networking Event this morning, with more than 60 business people in attendance.

The Guest Speaker was our very own Allan Hirsch, Chairman and Founder of Hirsch’s.  Allan addressed the audience about his own experiences in starting the business despite many obstacles, and the importance of believing that anything is possible.

He shared some of the principles which had contributed to the success of Hirsch’s:

Put your staff first – pay them before you pay yourself

Excellent customer service and keeping customers happy

Going the extra mile and having an above average work ethic – being prepared to work after hours

Not confusing Turnover with Profit – this could be fatal for your business

Not to listen to critics – if you believe you have a good idea, go with it.  If it doesn’t work out the first time – try a different way to make it work

“I thoroughly enjoyed Allan’s talk.  He has inspired me to believe in myself and never to underestimate the importance of setting goals to my dream” said Herman Coetzee of SureSlim.

Afterwards each of the business people in attendance had the opportunity to present themselves and their business.  Ample opportunity was given afterwards to network, and exchange business cards.

Bosch Brand Ambassador, David Selai, provided the cappuccino’s for the event and had the chance to display the Bosch Coffee maker.


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