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“Magdeline is my ‘Earth Angel’, arriving – rain or shine – with the biggest smile every working day.  She is my inspiration!” These were the inspirational  words of Bridget Hill, employer of Hirsch’s Centurions Domestic Worker of the Month winner, Magdeline Kutumela.


Said Bridget: “She has been working for me for ten years – and has been totally loyal and supportive.  I have grown to love her and have developed a deep respect for her.”


The R300.00 Hirsch’s gift voucher, together with a certificate, were handed to a very proud Magdeline by Training Manager, Rudi Louw, at the monthly Domestic Worker Training Course.  The  course is held to empower and upskill Domestic Workers – teaching them the basics of cleaning and also the workings of the different appliances.


Commented Hirsch’s Joanne Brunette, “ The highlight of today’s training was a visit to the Bedroom Boutique, where Naomi Durham explained the importance of using a mattress protector and vacuuming one’s mattress regularly.  Quade Harty from AEG demonstrated the different Vacuum cleaners and how to clean and replace filters.  He also educated the ladies on proper iron usage, and on the new Safety iron from AEG.


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