Business Networking with Hirsch’s Centurion – SJ Pretorius speaks on ‘5 Essential Time Horizons for a Practical Strategic plan’.

Hirsch’s Centurion once again hosted a successful Business Networking Morning, with almost 80% of those in attendance being business owners and entrepreneurs.


Our guest speaker, SJ Pretorius spoke on ‘5 Essential Time Horizons for a Practical Strategic plan’.

SJ is a Passionate Business Coach, owner and founder of Ubequity Coaching and Mentoring.  His latest customer’s Sales Team saw an average monthly sales increase of 40% in 6 months. SJ is also the BNI Tshwane-Area Director Consultant, and is a sought after Master of Ceremonies.


He shared on various tools which he has adapted from the book ‘Mastering The Rockefeller Habits’  by author Verne Harnish ©2002.  Importance is placed on firstly determining what your Core Values and Beliefs are: “when your values are clear, all your decisions are easier”.  Some of the other principles touched on where:


Targets (Where) – Measuring Revenue, Profitability and Market value

Goals (What) – Where do you want your Organisation to be one year from now

Actions (How) – How you plan to meet your targets and goals

Immediate Execution – Daily and weekly micro-goals, and making sure that you are held accountable for these


The feedback afterwards was very positive, with one of our guests, Lelanie Greef (who holds her Master Degree in Strategic Planning) stating: “all the principles touched on by SJ ring true, and are essential in ensuring your business is run effectively”.


With opportunity given to all guests to give a 30 second presentation of their business, invaluable business contacts were made.  This opened the door for effective networking on a more informal basis afterwards.

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