Hirsch’s Centurion hosts the Defy Junior Super Chef Competition

Junior Super Chef (Medium) Junior Super Chef1 (Medium) Junior Super Chef2 (Medium) Junior Super Chef3 (Medium) Junior Super Chef4 (Medium)WIERDA PARK CENTURION PUPIL WINS HIRSCH, DEFY JUNIOR SUPER CHEF COMPETITION

Lidene Lubbe (8), a pupil at Wierdapark Laerskool was the winner of the 1st Gauteng leg of the popular Hirsch and Defy Junior Super Chef competition that was held in the Hirsch Centurion recently.  Lidene won a Defy hand Blender together with a Defy hamper and Cookery Book, and will go on to compete in the Regional Finals of the competition that is being held at the Hirsch’s Fourways Branch on July 11.

Ten contestants, ranging in age from 8 to 13, battled it out on the showroom floor. They had to show off their cooking skills, using a mystery bag of products and cooking on a Snappy Chef induction plate and Defy Microwave Air oven to impress judges:  Chefs Paul Lotter and Trudie Jansen van Vuuren, Lourine Wannenburg (semi-finalist in the Kokkedoor and Koekedoor reality cooking show on KykNet), and Magda Mitton, Hirsch’s HR Manager.

Speaking on behalf of the judges, Trudie Jansen van Vuuren said that she was extremely impressed by the way the little chef’s handled themselves in this particular environment where they had to cook in front of an audience. “Their menus were planned and well thought out and the food was absolutely delicious.” She said.

Lourine’s parents, Tania and Herman Lubbe and her entire support group including her sister Elandri, were overwhelmed with excitement. “This competition ran so smoothly and professionally, and it was made so special for the children – we were so impressed.  You definitely exceeded our expectations. Everybody was a winner!” Said Tania.

Second place was a tie and went to 13 year old Ian van Nieuwenhuizen and 8 year old Lihle Cristovao.



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