Ladies Networking Morning hosted by Hirsch’s Centurion

17Jun2015 (Medium) 17Jun20151 (Medium) 17Jun20152 (Medium) 17Jun20153 (Medium)The Myth of work/life Balance

At the Monthly Ladies Networking Event held at Centurion recently, Louise Huyser was announced the June finalist of the Margaret Hirsch Woman in Business Achiever Award.  Louise is the owner of the Profession Hub – a Recruitment and HR Services Provider.  She started the business in 2009 and dealing with various industries and cultures provides overall leadership and guidance for both Employers and Employees.

The Guest Speaker for the event was Lori Milner from Beyond the Dress.  Lori facilitates and connects Business Women through tailored programs that address the unique challenges and needs facing the modern corporate woman, helping them retain their passion for life, and she spoke on ‘The Myth of work/life balance’ touching on the need for many woman to stay in control of every aspect of their lives, encouraging them to:

  • Say No – as women we often feel that ‘we must’ be everything to everybody, and we need to learn to say no graciously.
  • Delegate – we need to realise that although others might do things differently, our way is not the ‘only’ way.
  • Be Present – be mindful and live our lives in the present, to focus on the here and now and enjoy every moment,  focussing on doing one thing at a time.
  • Stop trying to be perfect – remember that despite our imperfections ‘we are enough’;  to be kind to ourselves and prepared to own our ‘stories’ even if they are messy;  to be authentic – without pretence.
  • Start with gratitude – not focus on what we aren’t or don’t have, but on those things that we are, and do have.

An opportunity was given afterwards to Sonja from the Clothes2Good Initiative to speak regarding the project, which is currently running in conjunction with Hirsch’s stores.  A request went out to those in attendance to show their support by donating their unwanted clothes.


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