Hirsch’s Centurion hosts Domestic Worker Course

Lizelle van der Merwe, Catherine Sonto Silindwe and Lizelle Dawkins (Medium)


Behind every successful family is an effective Domestic Worker.

Hirsch’s Centurion regards the hosting of their monthly Domestic Workers Course as one of the highlights of the month. Explains PR and Marketing Manager, Joanne Brunette, “It’s also the time we honour these most valuable members of our households with the coveted “Domestic Worker of the Month Award”.  This month, Catherine Sonto Silinda was our monthly winner – and the proud recipient of a certificate as well as a R300,00 Hirsch’s gift voucher.”

Said Lizelle Dawkins, her Employer, who entered her for the competition: “Catherine has been working for me for 14 years and has been the cornerstone of our family.  She started out as a part-time Domestic and became our full-time Nanny when my eldest was born – being able to cope with her chores as well.  She is a pillar in her community and does counselling with children at her church. She is  part of our family and truly deserves this award.”

Continued Brunette: “In addition to the Awards, the Course material covers the basics of home cleaning and care – and we also take the opportunity to practically demonstrate the correct use of various appliances.  The course is always fun, informative and educational – and we expose the Domestics to the various cleaning materials available at Hirsch’s for use in the home.”

At the close of the course, each Domestic was presented with a lovely certificate which they proudly received.



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