Hirsch’s Centurion hosts Banting Cooking Demonstration

Banting 30May2014 (Medium)On Saturday we hosted a very successful Banting Cooking Demonstration, in partnership with Whirlpool.


Our guest chef, Willem Gons, discussed the benefits of the Banting (also known as Prof Tim Noakes diet) way of life. The concept of the Banting diet is to eat foods with a high fat content, medium protein and low carbohydrates.  Sugars are completely cut from the diet, and fruit is limited to berries – due to the high sugar content. Vegetables that are grown “underground” are avoided as well as all forms of flour, rice and beans – which are all high in carbohydrates.


The Recipes that were demonstrated using the Whirlpool Jet Chef, were Banting burgers made from scratch, a Pumpkin bread and Milk Tart for dessert.  Almond Flour and Phsyllium husks were used in the place of normal flour, and Xylitol in the place of sugar. Willem had the audience hanging on his lips and spoke from personal experience – sharing how he has lost 22kg’s since changing his eating habits – and his Doctor is astounded with the drop in his Cholesterol and Blood Pressure.


One of our guests, Michelle Oosthuysen, has lost 34kg’s since starting with Banting, and was an inspiration to all who attended the morning.


Afterwards everybody had a chance to taste of the wonderful dishes, and all were in agreement that the meal was delicious and that taste is definitely not sacrificed.




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