Networking and Coffee – a happy mix at Hirsch’s!

26Mar2015 New folder New folder1

The Guest Speaker at this month’s Networking Meeting at Hirsch’s Centurion was Barista, Harry Mole,  who has been fulltime in the coffee industry for the past two years – since trading his ‘white collar’ Marketing Manager position to pursue his passion for coffee.  Harry has roasted and developed coffee blends for a year and is currently part of Tribeca and Woolworths Beverage Management as a trainer of Baristas for private clients as well as the Tribeca group of stores. He recently competed in the Gauteng Regional Barista Championships, and won the coveted award for Best Cappuccino!

After an informative and educational talk about the origin and brewing of coffees, the opportunity was given to smell the different freshly ground roasted beans, and examine the different “raw” or unroasted beans that were on display.

Ample networking opportunity was given to guests whilst enjoying a cup of freshly brewed Cappuccino.


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