Kiddies Cooking – a Hit at Hirsch’s

Kids Cooking 14Mar20151 Kids Cooking 14Mar2015A highlight for many of Hirsch’s littler customers is their Kiddies Cooking Events, and this month, Hirsch’s teamed up with Bosch to teach the children how to build and bake their own pizzas.  Each child was taught to knead and roll out the dough, and they chose their own toppings.

As the savoury pizzas were baking in the Bosch oven, they were taught to make a dessert pizza – much to their delight.

“Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, and the children and their parents were in agreement that the pizzas were of Masterchef quality.”  Said Hirsch’s PR and Marketing Officer Joanne Brunette. “Hirsch’s customers definitely teach their children good manners, as we were inundated with hugs and thank you’ s from happy, flour covered children. It was a magical experience – and so rewarding to hear that the children are taking the skills they learn and using them in their own kitchens at home.”  Said Joanne.


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