IMG_2654 (Medium) IMG_2658 (Medium) IMG_2662 (Medium) IMG_2668 (Medium) IMG_2676 (Medium) IMG_2677 (Medium)We love our kids at Hirsch’s Centurion – and the Kiddies Cooking events are the highlight of our month!

During March we hosted another one of these popular events.  Early in the day the preparations were being made, to ensure that each child could make not only a savoury pizza – but a “dessert” pizza as well.

After each child had made their pizza base, and chosen from a variety of toppings, three trays of mini pizza’s were simultaneously put into the Bosch Oven.  The children were then treated to smoothies made in the amazing Bosch MUM machine by Kim from Bosch.  Back to work, to prepare the “dessert” pizza with lovely toppings like Nutella, Marshmallows, strawberries, pineapple, banana and Smarties.  Decisions, decisions….

In the meantime the Savoury pizzas came out of the oven, and by the time the dessert pizzas were ready to go in the oven, they had cooled down and everybody tucked in.  Parents and children alike were soon munching on delicious cheezy pizza’s with a variety of toppings.  The Bosch team did not let the opportunity go by to promote their products – of course the parants also loved the delicious smoothies that Kim served up, while David demonstrated the “cool touch” technology on the Bosch Ovens – allowing the children to touch the oven even when it was set at 220 Degrees.

After enjoying the decadent chocolaty dessert pizzas with a swirl of whipped cream – each child was presented with a Bosch Lanyard and pen as well as a Bosch Balloon.  Three lucky prize winners walked off with Bosch Chef hats and aprons, as well the a Bosch shopping bag.

Hirsch’s parents definitely teach their children good manners, as we were inundated with hugs and thank you’s from happy, flour covered children.

It was a magical experience – thank you’s go out to the Bosch Team – it was such a pleasure working with David and Kim.


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