Celeste du Toit – February finalist for the Margaret Hirsch Women in Business Achiever Award

The Margaret Hirsch Women in Business Achiever Award finalist for February has been announced at Hirsch’s Centurion –  Celeste du Toit from Yes Paradigm was over the moon to be presented with this prestigious award by Margaret Hirsch in person. 


We were honoured to have Margaret Hirsch as our Guest Speaker, and her passion and enthusiasm was infectious. 

The title of her message was “Unleash your Greatness”  and she encouraged all the women to be kind to themselves, ensuring that their “self-talk” was positive – practically demonstrating this by having everybody repeat positive affirmations.  

She shared on the principle of gratitude and how in practising being grateful, we attract good things to ourselves.


After the inspiring message, Margaret shared some real-life-stories of people whom she has mentored, that have risen above their circumstances to become successful business women in their own right.


One of the ladies attending the event, Tumisa Maja, stated “I was awestruck, this is just what I needed to hear today”.


Attentively listening (Medium) Celeste du Toit, the February finalist (Medium) Linda Levendag, Joanne Brunette Margaret Hirsch, Hester Gill and Hanlie Truter (Medium) Magda Maas, Celeste du Toit and Tumisa Maja (Medium)


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