Kiddies Cooking Classes with Whirlpool

IMG_1805 IMG_1819 IMG_1830IMG_1818

Hirsch’s Centurion together with Whirlpool hosted a Kiddies Cooking Class on Saturday 10 January 2015 – and what a huge success it was.

The attendance exceeded what we were hoping for, with some of the children bring friends along – a total of 47 children joined in the fun.

Mixing, stirring, measuring, baking and tasting were all the order of the day.  The children made cupcakes from scratch – measuring their own ingredients, cracking eggs and generally having a wonderful time, under the watchful eye of Marilou of Whirlpool.  The impressive Whirlpool Jet Chef – manned by Brand Ambassador Tiaan –  ensured that the cupcakes were baked in record time – after which the decorating fun began.

Joanne (PRO for Hirsch’s Centurion) taught the group to make and colour a butter icing – and after consensus was reached about the taste – the children had free reign to decorate the cupcakes and of course – eat them!

The feedback from the children and parents was very positive and we plan to host more of these events in future.

A big shout out goes to Whirlpool – Marilou and Tiaan –  for helping us host such a hugely successful event.


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