Kiddies Cupcake Decorating Event

IMG_1590 IMG_1598 IMG_1604 IMG_1607 IMG_1608 IMG_1609

On Saturday 13 December Hirsch’s Centurion, in association with Whirlpool held a Kiddies Cupcake Decorating event at the store.

After baking some delicious cupcakes in the impressive Whirlpool Jet Chef, the children had free reign to decorate them.  Delicious icing, smarties, jelly-tots, sprinkles, chocolate vermicelli, marshmallows and edible glitter all added to the “more-is-more” theme of the event. (as opposed to “less-is-more”)

Not only did the children have a wonderful time decorating the cupcakes – in the spirit of Christmas and Giving, they also had the opportunity to offer their cupcakes to some unsuspecting but delighted Christmas Shoppers.

All in all, a very successful event – both parents and children agreed that we need to repeat this event regularly.

A big thank you goes to Tiaan and Whirlpool, and all the staff who contributed to the success of the day.


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